Monday, June 15, 2015

Mango Sorbet

I came up with this mango sorbet when Camden asked for a mango ice cream. Mango is one of his favorite fruits. But he said he wanted ice cream without coconut (milk) in it. Well, how on earth was I suppose to make mango ice cream without a type of cream. I searched online and found out that sorbet is a frozen sweet without any egg or cream. Perfect!!!

The type of mango is very important. Don't use the Haden mangoes as they are too firm. Those are better eating raw with meals. Use mangoes with creamy texture. I tested this mango sorbet recipe with Ataulfos mangoes. I made just enough for my kids. But my recipe can be double or triple to feed a big crown. Remember too, it's only one ingredient: mango!!! And no ice cream machine is needed. Easy summer frozen treat.

For more info about mangoes, check out

Mango Sorbet
serve 4 (or more for tiny tummy like my kids)

3 Ataulfos mangoes
  1. Peel the mangoes.
  2. Cut the mango meat around the seed. NOTE: No need to be neat. Just get as much meat out as possible. And you or your kids can scrape off the meat from the seed. Deliciously messy!!!
  3. Place them in the food processor.
  4. Run it until the mango is smooth.
  5. Place it in an air tight container in a freezer until frozen, about 4 hours. NOTE: If you double or triple the recipe, tag a few more hours to the freezing time. How about making the mango sorbet ahead by freezing it overnight.
  6. Place the mango sorbet out at a room temperature for a few minutes to soften it. Or microwave it for 9 seconds interval until it is easy to scoop. Enjoy!!!
STORING: Keep the mango sorbet in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Allergy Info: This mango sorbet is free from or can be made without dairy, egg, corn, legumes (soy), nuts, wheat, and fish. Seriously, it's just mango!!!

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